Papers in Honor of Bob Hepple


Indirect Employment: Should Lead Companies Be Liable?
Guy Davidov

Brazilian’s Fissured Workplace: David Weil’s Vignettes in the New World
Roberto Fragale Filho

Swimming Against the Tide? Australian Labor Regulation and the Fissured Workplace
Richard Johnstone and Andrew Stewart

Mending the Fissured Workplace: The Solutions Provided For By Italian Law
Emanuele Menegatti

Corporate Governance and the Employment Relationship: The Fissured Workplace in Canada and the United Kingdom
Wanjiru Njoya

The Fissured Workplace: Some Responses to Contemporary Challenges in Sweden
Petra Herzfeld Olsson and Erik Sjödin

The Fissured Workplace in France
Jean-Emmanuel Ray and Jacques Rojot

The Fissured Workplace in Japan: A Legal Anatomy
Qi Zhong

Afterword: Learning from a Fizzured World – Reflections on International Essays Regarding the Fissured Workplace
David Weil



The Autonomy of Labour Law, edited by Alan Bogg, Catherine Costello, ACL Davies, and Jeremias Prassl
reviewed by Ruth Dukes

Voices at Work: Continuity and Change in the Common Law World, by Alan Bogg and Tonia Novitz
reviewed by Claire Mummé

The Mondragon Cooperatives – Workplace Democracy and Globalization, by Amanda Latinne
reviewed by Achim Seifert


Papers in Honor of François Gaudu

Wage Reduction and Labor Inspection in Argentina
Marcelo Julio Navarro

Labor Inspection and Wage Theft in Brazil: Justice at the Street Level, Social Peace, and Development
Renato Bignami and Maria Cristina Serrano Barbosa 

The Labor Inspectorate in France and the Protection of Wages
Marc Vericel

Labor Inspections on Wages in Italy
Marco Novella

Labor Inspection and Labor Standards Enforcement in Quebec: Contingencies and Intervention Strategies
Dalia Gesualdi-Fecteau and Guylaine Vallée

The Labor Inspection in Spain and Its Renewed Legal Framework
Joaquín García Murcia, María Antonia Castro Argüelles, and Diego Álvarez Alonso

Afterword: The Franco-Iberian Model from the U.S. Perspective
Janice Fine


"Typical" or "Atypical"? Reflections on the Atypical Forms of Employment Illustrated with the Example of a Fixed-Term Employment Contract – A Comparative Study of Selected European Countries
Agata Ludera-Ruszel



Migrants at Work: Immigration and Vulnerability in Labour Law, edited by Cathryn Costello and Mark Freedland
reviewed by Fay Faraday



Introduction: Crowdsourcing, the Gig-Economy, and the Law
Valerio De Stefano

The Rise of the "Just-in-Time Workforce": On-Demand Work, Crowdwork, and Labor Protection in the "Gig Economy"
Valerio De Stefano 

Operating an Employer Reputation System: Lessons from Turkopticon, 2008-2015
M. Six Silberman and Lilly Irani

Income Security in the On-Demand Economy: Findings and Policy Lessons from a Survey of Crowdworkers
Janine Berg

Beyond Misclassification: The Digital Transformation of Work
Miriam A. Cherry

Beclouded Work, Beclouded Workers in Historical Perspective
Matthew W. Finkin

Uber, Taskrabbit, and Co.: Platforms as Employers? Rethinking the Legal Analysis of Crowdwork
Jeremias Prassl and Martin Risak

Commoditized Workers: Case Study Research on Labor Law Issues Arising from a Set of "On-Demand/Gig Economy" Platforms
Antonio Aloisi


Who Is a "Worker" in International Law?
Breen Creighton and Shae McCrystal



Ten Pathways to Death and Disaster: Learning from Fatal Incidents in Mines and Other High Hazard Workplaces, by Michael Quinlan
reviewed by Elizabeth Bluff

Comparative Labor Law, edited by Matthew W. Finkin and Guy Mundlak
reviewed by Adrián Goldin

The Right to Work: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives, edited by Virginia Mantouvaloureviewed by James A. Gross