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Worker Voice in Pandemic


Muted Voices: United States Employees’ Role in Regulating and Protecting Workplace Health

James J. Brudney 

The Pandemic in Italy: From Red (Areas for Quarantine) to Green (Pass for Vaccinated Workers)

Vincenzo Ferrante

The Critical Importance of Voice Through Unions:  Worker Participation in Health and Safety During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Australia

Anthony Forsyth

Worker Representatives and Occupational Safety and Health in Times of Pandemic

José Luis Gil y Gil

The Limits of Worker Health and Safety Rights in a Pandemic: The Case of Unionized Health Care and Education Workers in Canada

Alan Hall and Eric Tucker

 Workers’ Voice and The Swedish Corona Strategy - The Role of Collective Bargaining and Safety Representatives

Caroline Johansson and Niklas Selberg



Labor Conditions and Resistance Under Chinese Investment in Pakistan

Muhammad Azeem and Hiba Akbar 

Legal Gaps in Laws Prohibiting Age Discrimination at Work: An Analysis of Laws in 193 Countries

Amy Raub, Pamela Stek, and Jody Heymann



Book Reviews

What Worker Privacy is and is Not

Reviewed by Alan Hyde                                                                                        

Despotism on Demand: How Power Operates in the Flexible Workplace

Reviewed by Erin Hatton                                                               

Workplace Mental Health Law: Comparative Perspectives

Reviewed by Maria Steinberg                                                                               


Briefly Noted

Restatement of Labour Law in Europe, Volume III: Dismissal Protection

Bernd Weiss                                                                                                          




Labor in the Age of Finance & Improving Compliance


Matthew W. Finkin 

Challenges of Rapid Financial Evolution: A Comment on Labor in the Age of Finance by Sanford M. Jacoby

Eileen Appelbaum

A New Reversal of Fortune? A Commentary on Labor in the Age of Finance by Sanford M. Jacoby
Simon Deakin

Shareholder Primacy and Labor
Sanford M. Jacoby



Labor Constitutionalism: Effective Judicial Protection as a Constitutional Principle in United Kingdom Labor Law
Alan Bogg

Improving Compliance with Labor Laws: The Role of Courts
Guy Davidov and Edo Eshet

Mixed Messages—The Role of the Courts in Improving Compliance with Labor Law in Australia
John Howe and Sean Cooney

Improving Compliance with Labor Laws: The Role of The French Courts
Sylvaine Laulom



Addressing and Regulating Bias: Law and Management Practice 
Lucy Taksa and Louise Thornthwaite

Non-Compete Agreements in Lithuanian Labor Law 

Daiva PetrylaitÄ— and Vida PetrylaitÄ—