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Covenants Not To Compete 


Duarte Abrunhosa e Sousa 

Employment Non-Competes in a Portuguese and Spanish Context: Contribution from the Iberian Model

Duarte Abrunhosa e Sousa & Lourdes Mella Méndez

Regulating Restrictive Covenants in English Employment Law: Time for a Rethink?

David Cabrelli

The American Experience with Employee Non-Compete Clauses: Constraints on Employees Flourish and Do Real Damage in the Land of Economic Liberty

Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, Xiaohan Sun, & Phillip J. Jones

Non-Compete Obligations in Employment Relations from a Belgian Legal Perspective

Frank Hendrickx

Non-Compete Covenants under Italian Law

Emanuele Mengegatti



Fitness for Purpose of Occupational Safety and Health Monitoring and Enforcement in the European Union

Elizabeth Bluff, Richard Johnstone, David Walters, Hans Jørgen Limborg, & Ulrik Gensby

Algorithmic Bosses Can’t Lie! How to Foster Transparency and Limit Abuses of the New Algorithmic Managers

Giovanni Gaudio

Fostering Transparency and Limiting the Abusive Use of Algorithmic Management Practices—the View from the United States

Matthew Ginsburg



 Measuring the Relationship between Business-to-Business Self-Employed and Their Clients—A Statistical Survey of Labor Law Categories

Samuel Engblom




Concerter les Civilisations. Mélanges en l’honneur d’Alain Supiot

reviewed by Auriane Lamine 

Liber Amicorum Manfred Weiss

reviewed by Marthinus van Staden

International Labour Organization and Global Social Governance

reviewed by Manfred Weiss