Current Issue


A European & Comparative Legal Approach

on Digital Workers


 Guest Editor: Isabelle Daugareilh



Return of the Repressed: Will the Coronavirus Bring a Great Transformation to America?
Sanford M. Jacoby 



Automation, Artificial Intelligence, & Labor Law

 Guest Editor: Valerio De Stefano 

Valerio De Stefano 

“Negotiating the Algorithm”: Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Labor Protection
Valerio De Stefano 

The Mirror for (Artificial) Intelligence: In Whose Reflection?
Phoebe V. Moore 

Protecting Workers in the Digital Age: Technology, Outsourcing, and the Growing Precariousness of Work
Janine Berg 

Artificial Intelligence is Watching You at Work: Digital Surveillance, Employee Monitoring, and Regulatory Issues in the EU Context
Antonio Aloisi & Elena Gramano 

What if Your Boss was an Algorithm? Economic Incentives, Legal Challenges, and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence at Work
Jeremias Adams-Prassl 

Privacy 4.0 at Work: Regulating Employment, Technology, and Automation
Frank Hendrickx 

A Seat at the Table: Negotiating Data Processing in the Workplace
Ilaria Armaroli & Emanuele Dagnino 

Job Automation in the 1960s: A Discourse Ahead of its Time (And for Our Time)
Miriam A. Cherry 

Technology and Jobs: The Agony and the Ecstasy
Matthew W. Finkin 

Automation, Employment, and Reshoring: Case Studies of the Apparel and Electronics Industries
David Kucera & Fernanda Bárcia de Mattos

Digital Platforms, Data, and Development: Implications for Workers in Developing Economies
Uma Rani & Parminder Jeet Singh 



Principled Labor Law: U.S. Labor Law Through a Latin American Method
reviewed by Guy Davidov 

Everyday Transgressions: Domestic Workers’ Transnational Challenge to International Labor Law
reviewed by Judy Fudge 

Solidarity and Conflict: European Social Law in Crisis
reviewed by Jonas Malmberg 

reviewed by Manfred Weiss 









From Digits to Robots: The Privacy-Autonomy Nexus in New Labor Law Machinery
Frank Hendrickx

“Workforce Analytics” v Fundamental Rights Protection in the EU in the Age of Big Data
Marta Otto

Data Mining and the Challenges of Protecting Employee Privacy under U.S. Law
Pauline T. Kim

Data Analytics at Work: A View from Israel on Employee Privacy and Equality in the Age of Data-Driven Employment Management
Arianne Renan Barzilay


Hybrid Transnational Self-Regulation
Sonja Mangold



Root-Cause Regulation: Protecting Work and Workers in the Twenty-First Century
reviewed by César F. Rosado Marzán

Governance by Numbers: The Making of a Legal Model of Allegiance
reviewed by Alan Bogg