Current Issue

VOLUME 39, ISSUE 1 - Fall 2017



Guest Editor Judy Fudge

Dishing Up Migrant Workers for the Canadian Food Services Sector: Labor Law and the Demand for Migrant Workers
Judy Fudge and Joo-Cheong Tham

Undefined Rights: The Challenge of Using Evolving Labor Standards in U.S. and Canadian Free Trade Agreements to Improve Working Women’s Lives
Tequila J. Brooks

Disaggregating Labor Migration Policies to Understand Aggregate Migration Realities: Insights from South Korea and Japan as Negative Cases of Immigration
Erin Aeran Chung and Ralph I. Hosoki

The Precarity of Temporality: How Law Inhibits Immigrant Worker Claims
Kati L. Griffith and Shannon M. Gleeson

“We Asked for Workers . . .” Legal Rules on Temporary Labor Migration in the European Union and in Germany
Constanze Janda

Back Door, Side Door, or Front Door? An Emerging De-Facto Low-Skilled Immigration Policy in Australia
Chris F. Wright and Stephen Clibborn

Guest or Temporary Foreign Worker Programs
Philip Martin


Inclusion, Reversal, or Displacement? Classifying Regulatory Approaches to Pay Equity
Meg Smith, Robyn Layton, and Andrew Stewart



Is the Work-Related Test Desirable for All Diseases That Disable Workers?
John F. Burton, Jr.

Should the Proposed WDPA Replace Work-Related Tests for Occupational Diseases?  A Response to John Burton’s Recent Article on Worker’s Compensation Policy
Stephen J. Adler