Current Issue

VOLUME 40, ISSUE 2 - Winter 2019




Unconditional Basic Income and the Rejuvenation of the Welfare State
Robert van der Veen & Loek Groot

Basic Income and the Resilience of Social Democracy
Brishen Rogers

The Second-Best Road Ahead for Basic Income
José A. Noguera

Basic Income as Common Dividends: A Rejoinder
Guy Standing

Ethically Justifiable, Economically Sustainable, Politically Achievable? A Response to van der Veen & Groot, Rogers, and Noguera
Philippe Van Parijs & Yannick Vanderborght


Workers’ Participation 4.0—Digital and Global?
Thomas Klebe & Manfred Weiss

Big Brands, Big Responsibilities? An Examination of Franchisor Accountability for Employment Contraventions in the United States, Canada, and Australia
Tess Hardy

New Perspectives for Workers’ Organizations in a Changing Technological and Societal Environment
Matteo Avogaro



A Purposive Approach to Labour Law
reviewed by Cynthia Estlund

New Frontiers in Empirical Labour Law Research
reviewed by Matthew Dimick

Briefly Noted