Current Issue

VOLUME 38, ISSUE 2 - Winter 2017


Diminishing Unions' Agency: Weakening Collective Bargaining and Criminalizing Picketing in the Spanish Case
Julia Lopez Lopez

The State, the Unions, and Collective Bargaining in China: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Mingwei Liu and Sarosh Kuruvilla

The Continuing Evolution of European Labor Law and the Changing Context for Trade Union Organizing
Alan Bogg and K.D. Ewing

Beyond Workplaces and Industries: Possibilities for Organized Action at the Territorial Level
Ida Regalia

State, Market, and Collective Regulation in the Hospital Sector in East-Central Europe: Union Strategies Against All Odds
Monika Ewa Kaminska and Marta Kahancová

We Create Spots from which We Shine to Others: Organizing as a Bridging Practice Between Distinct Meanings of Association
Guy Mundlak



The Concept of the Employer, by Jeremais Prassl
reviewed by Sebastian Krebber

The Right to Strike: A Comparative View, edited by Bernd Waas
reviewed by Tonia Novitz