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VOLUME 40, ISSUE 3 - Spring 2019

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From Digits to Robots: The Privacy-Autonomy Nexus in New Labor Law Machinery
Frank Hendrickx

“Workforce Analytics” v Fundamental Rights Protection in the EU in the Age of Big Data
Marta Otto

Data Mining and the Challenges of Protecting Employee Privacy under U.S. Law
Pauline T. Kim

Data Analytics at Work: A View from Israel on Employee Privacy and Equality in the Age of Data-Driven Employment Management
Arianne Renan Barzilay


Hybrid Transnational Self-Regulation
Sonja Mangold



Root-Cause Regulation: Protecting Work and Workers in the Twenty-First Century
reviewed by César F. Rosado Marzán

Governance by Numbers: The Making of a Legal Model of Allegiance
reviewed by Alan Bogg