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New Nationalism and Labor Law 

Nationalism, Populism, & Labor Market Reform Today
John L. Campbell

Social Rights, Social Policy, and Labor Law in the Hungarian Populist-Nationalist System
Csilla Kollonay Lehoczky, Balázs Majtényi

Deserving Austrians First: The Impact of the Radical Right on the Austrian Welfare State
Philip Rathgeb, Martin Gruber-Risak 

New Nationalism and Labor Law: An Overview of the Italian Labor and Social Security Policy of the Last Years
Luca Calcaterra 

Quo Vadis Labor Law? Labor Regulatory Trends in Bolsonaro’s Kakistocracy
Roberto Fragale Filho, Jerry Dávila 

Neo-Nationalism in Poland and Its Impact on Labor Law and Social Policy
Piotr Grzebyk 

New Nationalism in Russia: The Policy of a Mighty State in the Field of Labor
Elena Sychenko, Viktor Sidorov 

To Flog a Dead Horse
Kristina Koldinská


Mapping Menstrual Leave Legislation and Policy Historically and Globally: A Labor Entitlement to Reinforce, Remedy, or Revolutionize Gender Equality at Work?
Marian Baird, Elizabeth Hill, Sydney Colussi


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Posted Work in the European Union: The Political Economy of Free Movement
reviewed by Vladimir Bogoeski 

Regulating the Platform Economy: International Perspectives on New Forms of Work
reviewed by Ilda Durri 

Re-Inventing Labour Law Enforcement: A Socio-Legal Analysis
reviewed by Anthony C. Masi