Current Issue

VOLUME 38, ISSUE 1 - Fall 2016


Italian Industrial Relations: Toward a Strongly Decentralized Collective Bargaining?
Massimo Pallini

Reconciliation of Multi-Unionism and Strong Unionism by the Unions Law
Nurhan Süral

The Union Density Issue in Turkey: Causes and Effects
Melda Sur

European Trade Unions in Age of Flexicurity and Segmented Labor Markets: The Case of Poland
Leszek Mitrus

Varieties of Trade Union Membership Policies from a Multi-Scalar Perspective: Evidence from the German and British Hospital Sectors
Susanne Pernicka, Vera Glassner, and Nele Dittmar

Swimming Against the Tide: New Challenges for Unions Under Australian Labor Law
Anthony Forsyth and Andrew Stewart

Creative Destructor / Destructive Creator: Agency Workers as Threatening Moles Undermining Unionism or Welcome Agents of Change in Irish and Norwegian Unions?
Ann Cecilie Bergene